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Originally Posted by brencat View Post
In this matchup, I prefer the CEO-7 in a landslide. More forward sounding, much better midrange, and has that 'bell-like' chime and ring. The 000-18 is more mellow sounding. All of these observations I attribute primarily to the Adi top on the CEO-7.

My ears generally prefer Adi over Sitka (I own 3 Adi topped guitars).

Best, B
Interesting. I prefer the sound of the 000-18 because it's crisper and I hear better note separation. The CEO-7 sounds a bit muddled on the low end to my ears.

Originally Posted by brencat View Post
That's not a fair fight Maury!!

(Nice sounding D-41, but the Authentic wins by a country mile)
Yet hear (pun intended) I agree with you. That authentic sounds like a great recording guitar.

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