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What I don't see in this conversation is what current CF owners percieve as the value of their purchase against a comparable wood guitar. I sold my GS Mini to get a CF guitar primarily because I wanted a guitar I could leave in a hot car or feel comfortable with being in the cargo hold at cold temps on an airplane. I paid 3X more for my Rainsong P12 but it is better than my GS Mini in the following areas:

1. Better tone and volume (and the GS Mini was not at all "bad")
2. Better finish, better tuners
3. 1-3/4" nut width
4. 12 fret

Those four points in addition to not having to worry about temp and humidity make the value of the Rainsong P12 better than the GSM for me.

To me, the pricing seems fair for what I wanted and what I ended up with. As far as CF penetrating the under $1,000 market, perhaps they found that a typical buyer is not willing to pay some percentage more for some or all of the benefits that a CF guitar could offer.
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