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Default When will carbon fiber guitars come down in price?

According to a sampling of people at a 2014 composites trade show:
carbon fiber for automotive costs $10 to $12 a pound, compared to less than a buck for steel. Thatís more than half the $35 price a decade ago, but to see more widespread adoption, it needs to get down to about $5 or $6 a pound, they said.
Even assuming a lower volume purchase doubling the carbon fiber price, that still is only about $100 for a guitar body & neck.

So what is holding up its wider use by guitar makers, in particular at the more budget levels. You can get a helluva wood guitar for $500 (and less). But not carbon fiber. Does it take so much more labor to make one than a wood guitar? Is it the equipment costs? Do you foresee its adoption for the budget market segment?

Curious mind wants to know.
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