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Originally Posted by mountainmaster View Post
I don't see how that is any more comfortable than simply wearing a long sleeve shirt.
There is a long, hard plastic piece sewn down the length of the arm band--a second layer of cloth secures it inside the stretchy cloth arm tube. Your arm rests inside, along this slightly curved, but very hard inner piece of plastic--instead of on the sharp edge of the guitar. You do not feel the edge of the guitar at all. It's even more comfortable and feels very stable if the guitar has a bevel as well.

It is entirely different than a shirt or even other elastic arm tubes sold to protect players forearms that are also sold to provide just a "bit" more protection. For some players, that minimal extra padding is enough. But the Luva takes it to another level of protection and comfort.

There's really no comparison with other products that I've found. YMMV
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