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Originally Posted by Bronzeback View Post
Definitely after market strap button. I'd take the screw out and fill the hole, no problem. Don't let that deter a purchase. $2K for a Road series is fair enough. Same guitar as a TDR minus a couple specs like nitro finish and long saddle.

That said you could find a TRD for not too much more in the used market.
The other differences are rosewood in lieu of ebony for the bridge and fretboard, a cheaper set of tuners (mine are upgraded to Waverley’s), and a standard black tolex case instead of the deluxe tweed H&D case.

No matter, the instant you get your hands on an RD-R, you forget what it doesn’t have, and appreciate everything it does.

New RD-R’s are selling for about $2700, street. I would not pay more than 2/3 of that, or ~$1800 for a used one. But it may very well be the best $1800 you ever spent on an acoustic guitar.

A few nice ones, a few beaters, and a few I should probably sell...
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