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I'm not a clean or highly proficient slide player, but here's a couple of things.

As said upthread, IMHO some fret noise and such doesn't really hurt some kinds of performances. If the energy and overall performance is there, it might add a bit of funky charm.

I used to have my main electric (9.5 radius) setup so that that it did not follow the fretboard radius curve on the treble strings. I did that for two reasons: I like a slighter higher action when doing string vibrato and because it gave me so extra height for slide playing on those strings, while still not being much of a hindrance when making a barre chord. However most acoustics are already flatter radius than Fender electric guitars.

As I've gotten older I find that I rarely need to fret all 6 strings for blues style slide work, and with that outlook I don't really have much more to help you.
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