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Originally Posted by LemonCats View Post
What material do you prefer? I'm using a dunlop clear glass slide right now.

And i think i need to go up in size as it can get stuck on my pinky sometimes and that freaks me the f out when that happens lol. I might try ceramic, a bone slide sounds like a cool idea too
I prefer glass made out of real bottlenecks over to the pre-made straight ones.

I understand the getting stuck thing, it's happened to me too.

I like using my pinky and buying them a little too big. Then I use slices of medical tape on the inside to make a proper fit and keep from "walking" off my pinky. I do lots of shuffles and big ones are prone to move.

I have never had a proper store bought slide that I liked. I have never bought a real nice one either though like those mentioned by BudHa.

I got mine at festivals for $5 each.

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