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Default Pressure of slide against the strings (all 6 strings)

Hey boils n goils
So I've got my first resonator recently and I decided Id give slide a little whirl for the first time (ever, on any guitar)

The instructors on the videos I've watched say to use or 'glide' the slide over the string lightly so that you dont hear the frets clicking while you pass over them.

And yeah this definitely works when on a single string or even a couple strings on one side of the neck

But I'm noticing when a song calls for a slide on all six strings I have to sort of press down pretty dang firmly to get all the strings to play or specifically to not buzz against the slide. Harder than I imagined because i was told to use the slide lightly. Its almost like half way between fretting and gliding

Is this normal?

I did notice the neck appears to have a very slight radius to my eye, not sure how much it is or if im hallucinating, i was hoping to get a completely flat neck as i heard they are good for slide and its what im used to playing on (on my nylon guitars and old harmony guitar) but yeah.
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