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Default A few vids from Saturday's night gig

Hi folks. Hope all is well with everyone.
Just wanted to share a few vids from a gig I had on Saturday night.
It went really well despite being in the middle of a massive snowstorm (Cochrane Alberta, just east of the Rockies) and at least 20 people showed up to the pub with some good friends in attendance. Played 36 songs in over 3 hours with an encore so was pretty tired but super fun night!

Some gigs I have been mixing it up with some electric sets and then some acoustic sets. Trying to keep it as interesting as I can for the audience due to the fact I really don't do much in terms of lead guitar type of stuff (plan to work on that in the future).

I was using my Eastman E20D and a Mexican Telecaster (new pickups will soon be installed) and playing through a Bose L1 Compact. I use a TCH Harmony Singer pedal to add harmonies to some songs (as you can hear at the end of Copperhead Road) and then a few songs I add some overdrive to the electric as you can hear in the Billy Idol tune.

Anyways, my girlfriend recorded a few vids so just wanted to share. Continue to get compliments on the Bose. I love that thing...

Copperhead Road:


Dancing With Myself
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