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Hi Phil,

I was hooked on the deeper body as soon as I played Alís PXd. Will mine sound the same? Iíll find out soon and thatís part of the excitement! The first two guitars that Mike built me are incredible and I know this one will be too.

I donít know what Mike is doing for the neck. I just asked him to replicate the profile from my other Baraniks. I did not push for maple or any other really snazzy wood, so I guess it will be mahogany again.

Definitely EVO frets. Tuner buttons are probably going to be resin to match some of his other cool ideas, which are being developed at present (cue mysterious music to signify deep intrigue before subsequent exciting publication of details ).

We donít look like using the same headstock design but we might dip our hat to the rosette design. I emailed him about this a few days ago but have not heard back Ė either he is busy trying out my suggestion or he is still laughing at it!

I am looking forward to having a koa guitar. My previous build was the E by Kathy Wingert in Madagascar rosewood and that has all the rosewood richness in overdrive. So I am wanting the 00 to give a contrasting sound, more like my walnut Baranik with its dry, woody tone.

Would love to try your Boswell one day. I am fascinated by that wood combo.

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