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Originally Posted by JohnnySmash View Post
Sirwhale, I purchased a small Yamaha Classical Guitar CS40. It has bass strings that buzz a lot. I have EJ45 strings on it now. Do you think the EJ43 strings will reduce the buzzng on the bass strings?

I just put capo on fret 5 and no more buzzing, so problem must be between frets 1and 5. Maybe frets not level.
It's entirely possible that you frets that are not level. If you put a credit card over three frets there shouldn't be any wobble (i.e. the card should be flat across all three). A low fret might be in the middle of the three which would go undetected, so you can keep moving the card around to check all the first 5 frets.

Do all the bass strings buzz? and is it a particular fret, or all the first 5 frets?

Higher tension strings will reduce the incidence of a buzz. I see now that this is a problem as you want to reduce the boominess, but also want to avoid buzzing.

Maybe you could try a different material string for the basses. You could buy the Aquila Alabastro medium tension basses, as they are not nylon like most strings, but nylgut.
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