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Thanks for the comments everyone! I like the idea of that maple with a lot of Cocobolo trim. Having the additional bands of Cocobolo color on the arm and rib bevel would really stand out and add a nice sculptured look. Not to mention the comfort it would add to a jumbo guitar.

Originally Posted by rogthefrog View Post
Has anyone ever done a mahogany top on a maple body, and lived to tell the tale?
Originally Posted by mikealpine View Post
Good question, Rog! Wonder how something like that would sound. I think I would like that if the maple were tinted darker, though. For some reason I like the look of a lighter top on a dark body, not so much the other way around, so I'd like to see the maple tinted almost to match the mahogany color or darker.
Tonewise I can imagine mahogany working well with maple. There is a strong traditional aesthetic around the top being lighter in color though. I'm thinking the top being darker than the back and sides could make for a case of terminal uniqueness.
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