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Currently I am working on four spec guitars to display at future shows.
I have a 16ft bench at the back of my shop that has become my "dartboard". I stage my ideas for builds here where I can see them throughout the day. I switch different woods in and out and live with them as they come together. It seems my ideas come best in passing and I can act on them quickly when everything is so accessible.

Here is what I have coming together for the quilted Maple set I said I put aside:

This will be a cut away Josie small jumbo with a quilted bear claw Sitka top.
The guitar will be trimmed in Cocobolo and have both arm and rib bevels. You can see there is some Maple burl that will find it's way in here somewhere.

Here is a better picture of the top which has both quilting and bear claw figure:

This will be the third of the four I am building. The first one is just about ready for the finisher. That one is my Pina parlor model. It has figured Redwood on curly Claro Walnut.

Thanks for viewing!
Mark Hatcher

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