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Default Olson SJ "The Tree"


SJ non cutaway
"The Tree" mahogany back and sides
Cedar top
Abalone top edging
Abalone back center strip
Abalone end wedge borders
Headstock paua perimeter
Peghead back mahogany veneer with WBW
Paua in-filled "O" on headstock
Fingerboard paua perimeter
42 style fingerboard extension
Full vine inlay on fingerboard
Wide paua/BRW rosette
Thicker neck
Satin gold tuners with ebony buttons
No strap button
No pick up
No pick guard
Calton deluxe case



Natasha's Insomnia

Late Night Improvisation #1



Si Bheag Si Mhor

What Child Is This

Late Night Improvisation #2

All soundclips were recorded with an Apogee MiC condenser microphone connected to an iPad


Photo Albums

Build and studio pictures by Jim Olson

Home pictures by me


Back in 2008, I went to a concert with a lovely friend of mine in Toronto. The music was fabulous as the singer strummed away his beautiful guitar. I pointed out to my friend that it was a guitar made by a world known luthier and that I would love to own a similar instrument one day. I had just lost my job and was fighting to keep things afloat so in the back of my mind, I thought that day would never come.

Last year, I called up the luthier in question and after a long chat with him, realized that this would be my last chance of commissioning the guitar I had always dreamed of.

I was always too impatient to even consider a custom build -- but this guitar will be very special to me. It will remind me of the great time I had in Toronto -- and also of the struggles I had to go through to start up my company.

I've now confirmed the order and sent in the deposit. Cedar top with "The Tree" mahogany back and sides, full fretboard vine inlay...

Delivery is scheduled for end of 2012. Of course, I will post details and pictures as they become available.
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