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Originally Posted by Marty C View Post
Do you guys think it is much different in its tone shaping abilities than their previous unit - Zoom A3?
I bought the A1 Four in spite of my reservations about the limited looping time (I'll probably buy a Boss RC3 for longer looping). I found the A3 impenetrable and couldn't find any settings that really made my guitar sound natural and balanced.

Within a few minutes of fiddling with the A1 Four, the 000-18 and Baggs settings gave me what I was looking for - it's more intuitive than the A3... the manuals for both are dire, which is odd because the G3n manual is excellent.

The A1 Four isn't the toughest of units, but that's fine with me, as I only play at home - and once it's set up I'll probably only tweak by hand.
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