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Originally Posted by TRose View Post
I have a new instructor. Our first session was last night. He suggested I spend some time practicing my playing with a metronome. His explanation on “how to” was limited- “just get the feel of the tempo of the song.” I’ve been doing as told and can sense more consistency already- of course I have the tempo set slower than cold molasses. Hopefully over time I’ll be able to speed her up.
If you have any practical suggestions on how I might make this practice more focused I’m all ears.
Hi Tom

I came from 18 years of classical training in piano, brass - solo and orchestral - and band/orchestra/swing band/formal performance.

I have done tons of hours with metronomes. But never all the time I practiced.

As I hit hard to manage passages, or uneven spots, I'd slow my self down and straighten things out accompanied by a metronome, and didn't speed up till the passages were properly done at a slower tempo.

Metronomes are meant to be an aid, not a slave-master.

Joining a good blue-grass circle (or jam as I call them) occasionally might just do tons of good for your rhythm and pacing.

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