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Originally Posted by Ed-in-Ohio View Post
The washers from Grolsch beer bottles should do the trick.

Thanks but there barely seems to be enough space to place a strap with very thin ends....I had to use a cheap Ernie Ball one that has very thin attaching leather ends...but I don't feel secure.

The pickup peg and even the other are very close to the guitar. I should have one swapped when I had the guitar set up. But then there is the pu end which there is even less room. I'll try to squeeze one on. I guess if it dosen't work I'll have a beer. I don't like beer though. Too bad I can't get vodka with one of those things

A company Brightvision and Fender makes rubber gaskets just like those from the beer bottle. Might even work better. But I need a good strap with very thin ends. I don't like the idea of attaching another leather string type of thing and then attaching the strap to that. But I may have to.

Anyone ever use a Magstrap? They only sell through Amazon and have no support number.
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