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Default Best way to secure a guitar strap? (no straplocks)

I have a new Epiphone DR-500MCE which is a fantastic guitar

I would hate to have it fall off (like my strat plus that fell off during a rehearsal and hit the sharp peice of metal on my fuzz box because the volume knob was missing, murphy's law at work)

So I put strap locks on all my guitars.

This guitar has an input in the back peg so a regular strap won't fit. I had to enlarge the hole in the guitar strap. It fits but I like too move around and don't want another repeat of my strat occurrence.

It would seem to me that if I just wound a tight piece of plastic coated wire around the peg on top of the strap that it will secure it.

Anyone have any other ideas? I don't really like straplocks either because they stick out so much.

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