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Originally Posted by Guitaurman View Post
I'd shop around if I were you. Guitar Center lists both new and used gear on line. Sweetwater and American Music Supply have good selections and prices and user reviews are posted. Amazon and Zounds do the same.
Good luck, and remember buying quality gear pays off in reliability, and ease of use. Taking shortcuts and cobbling up patchwork compromises usually results in frustration.
Well put. I wanted to say this before.

You can buy cheaper stuff, and in the end you can end up spending much more having to upgrade down the line. There are some decent mixers for $99, but doubling your budget can get you a better and more feature-rich product that you won’t outgrow too soon.

Upgrading from a Zed 10FX to a Soundcraft EFX8 made it so I didn’t need to lug an extra board to duo and trio gigs. I take up three preamp channels myself.

I’m beginning to realize that my needs aren’t always the needs of others, however ... needs often change and there are so many affordable options out there nowadays and so many people are selling these analog boards in favor of digital options, that you can really do well buying used.

I got an EFX8 for $250 shipped with zero signs of wear and no issues. My Zed 10FX is on loan to a buddy right now that just started doing a solo gig, and my Zed60 14FX sits in a road case ready to be rented out or sold

I sold my QSC TouchMix 16 because I was barely using it. My MixWiz gets used when I need more channels or if I’m doing sound. I’m sure I’ll miss the TouchMix at some point, but the guy that bought it would let me borrow it if I need it.
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