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After some practice and sharpening the scraper I was able to get thin shavings out of it. They're so thin that they break into dust when handled, but I was able to start scraping the back bindings with success. Great!!!

Followed your suggestions, and cut the bindings at an overlapping angle. It was hard, and managed to get, while not completely invisible, a good enough fit.

Next I applied a coat of shellac and started binding the top. I learned my lesson after binding the back, and I'm very happy about how I glued the top bindings.
Have a look!!

The thing is, however, that CA glue ran under the binding tape, and removing it left some tape residue on the top, which I guess is a mix of tape glue and CA glue. I'd like to remove this residue before applying more CA glue on the parts of the top once covered with tape. How should I do that??? Scraping these zones and then applying glue again?

I'm really excited, my first guitar body is almost finished!!! Hope you like the binding design I chose.
Can't wait to further work on the neck.

Thank you.
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