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Need some advice! I messed things up a little , started gluing the back bindings , but accidentally cut them short , and now there's a small gap at the neck end. everything looked fine.without glue, but once applied things went south. Decided to unglue this part before drying, but don't really know what to do next.

What do you guys think?? Should I just leave it like that, and fill the gap with glue? Any better fix to this??

I'm afraid I'd probably have to fill some small hairline gaps here and there with CA glue and rosewood dust, because I didn't glued purflings 100% tight with the sides in some places, but that's another story, and don't feel too concerned about it.

I also started to scrape the sides to level things out, remove glue marks etc, but those curly maple bindings are very difficult to scrape!! Should I leave the scraper and just sand the sides?? Scraping leaves an irregular rough binding surface.

This is proving to be a real challenge! Hope my mistakes and your advice can help others sometime.

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