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Default Michaud Made J-R Sitka/Malaysian Blackwood

Hey guys! Up for sale is this Michaud Made J-R Sitka Spruce/Malaysian Blackwood. It is truly a wonderful guitar and if I didn't have a business to run, I would be keeping it Joel's list is currently still closed with a waiting time of over 2 years and a base price of $7,500 so this is a rare opportunity to skip the queue and get a brand new Michaud!

This jumbo has the signature Michaud sound which is modern, full of clarity and balance. A jumbo generally tends to be boomy and muddy with the bass out-shadowing the trebles but Joel has managed to build an extremely balanced jumbo out of this; a thunderous bass and equally fat trebles, not to mention a huge sound.

Despite its larger lower bout, the guitar is deceptively comfortable to hold due to the Manzer Wedge. The neck carve is also very easy on the hands. Overall, this is actually one of the more comfortable guitars I've had the privilege of playing, not to mention one of the best sounding ones!

Before I continue to ramble on and lose your attention, here are some photos:

And of course, here is a video of the guitar in action. It was my first time recording/filming alone and I clearly have much room for improvement but I hope you guys enjoy it!

Top: Sitka Spruce
Back/Sides: Malaysian Blackwood
Upper bout width: 11.6"
Lower bout width: 16.3"
Lower bout depth: 4.5 - 5.0" (Manzer Wedge)
Scale length: 25.5"
Body length: 20.3"
Nut width: 1 3/4"
Saddle width: 2 1/4"
Rosette: Malaysian Blackwood
Fretboard: Malaysian Blackwood
Binding: Malaysian Blackwood
Purfling: Maple/Ebony
Bridge, Pinless: African Blackwood

List Price: $8,000

Do feel free to drop me a PM or e-mail if you are interested in this beauty, or if you are thinking of commissioning your very own Michaud! It's Christmas season after all, you might just catch me in a generous mood

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