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Originally Posted by 3 chord View Post
I think because you mentioned your new guitar does not fit your hand, asking for opinions on the forum is not the best way to go. You just need to sit down and play some more guitars.

About the 4 guitars you mentioned, they all are very different in body size and have different body woods. All three are designed to do different jobs (especially the 12 string).

Again, I don't think you will know what works for your hands and your ears until you play some more guitars.

Good luck.

p.s. you mentioned the neck felt "blocky", if this means you prefer a slimmer neck, try to play a Blueridge. The one I had sported a thin neck. I don't know if they make cutaways though, mine was a dred. Big sound for not alot of money.

You might like to find a used Talyor to try out also.
I thought I was clear in my post but apparently not. What I am looking for are suggestions of quality 6 string cutaway acoustic-electric guitars that have decent spacing near the nut in the price range I mentioned. I have played several guitars in my search and it's pretty obvious that I will have to play several more before I find what I want... I have not played the EF yet as I mentioned and do not know how the neck feels... the Takamine guitars I listed are identical in woods and body style.

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