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Originally Posted by lizzard View Post
To the OP:

Now that the wise-guys are done, I think you are getting a LOT of good insight. Keep it up. It's a journey, not a destination.

Thanx. Yes, there is lots of good info now. I`ll get there one day. Everything is a bit slow now because the construction of the tooling takes as long as it takes. Once t is done and functions as it should the mold can make 1 body every 2 days (it could be 1 per day if you have a seperate resin injection mold and then transfer it to another mold with post heat curing, but im just doing 1 mold right now). This varnish needs to dry 72 hours on every coat but the plug is now sealed.

The next step is putting release wax on it, so i expect that the negative mold construction will start this week.
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