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Originally Posted by Finger Stylish View Post
I have the Mini, Artist & Performer and use them all in live gigs;
I have recently added 2 EV ZLX 12P to use from the DI out on the fishmans
As far as the EQ I have never had the Mid dial past 9oClock. The Mid gain on the Fishman products sound terrible to my ear. Takes the clean clarity of the Combo amp away. A typical EQ set for my Fishman's are
(referencing a clock dial)
Vocal Channel
Low @ 1:45
Mid @ 8:55
High @ 2:30
Reverb @ 9:15 (Fishman Reverb can be over the top)
Low @ 12:00
Mid @ zero, zilch, nada!
High @ 3:15
Reverb @ none to 9:15 depending on the chamber/hall I'm playing
I'm having a little trouble with your clock readings. A clock has two hands. One for the hour and one for the minute. 3 oclock, 12 oclock, 6 oclock I can understand. Where is 1:45? I guess 3/4 of the way between one and two?
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