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Originally Posted by gitarro View Post
May i be the first on this thread to congratulate you Eric on the birth of your daughter! No better reason to commission a new guitar...
Thanks so much! I think its a great reason! Wish I used this reason on my first son Is it too late two years later?

Originally Posted by matthewpartrick View Post
Congrats pal! Two is unfortunately more than double the work, but maybe the guitar will be more than twice as good! ��
I thought with the second child, it was way more than double the work! That means this guitar will really be good!

Originally Posted by steveh View Post
But Braz German again? Why not try something a little different to ring the changes? I have been so impressed by what luthiers are doing with so many different and varied woods these days. Jason has all sorts of stuff.
Thanks Steve! I have to admit, I am a Brazilian-holic I think if I chose other woods, I could potentially think, would Brazilian have been better? When I get a Brazilian guitar, I rarely ever think, would so and so rosewood have been better? I'll make you a deal, when I get my next few Kostals, I'll do something different

Originally Posted by Marcus Wong View Post
Congratulations Eric!! I think that German/Braz will be a winner, stick to what you know works Not to mention that it would be really nice for them all to have a similar influence from the tonewoods, with the different bodies to shape their voices. Looking forward to this one!
My thoughts exactly They all sound a little bit different, don't they

Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
The guitars are lovely and the shot of your daughter with her Kostal T-shirt is too cool! Some kind of record?

This will be more fun to follow...

Enjoy the process and play for her every day!
Thanks Paul! Will try to play for her every day. Seems like I played more for the first born. Juggling two is interesting indeed!

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
Wow, what a great story. I so wish you could come to the guitar event with Jason and Michael both being here. Seems like it was put together just for you LOL!
Tom, I really wish I can be there! With the sleepness nights, it could be a challenge. Who knows what it'll be like closer to the event

Originally Posted by prickards View Post
So many blessings. Your Kostal's are beautiful but Emmaline Ray is the crown jewel of that picture. Congratulations are in order on so many levels.
I like to think so about Emmaline

Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Congrats Eric. Your daughter is lovely. Love the shirt! I hope to have one of those soon. I am thrilled to think you and I will have MDWs in the shop at the same time. But your story is way cooler than mine.
I think better her in the onsie than me! Can't wait to play our guitars together!

Originally Posted by jaymarsch View Post
Congrats on your new bundle of joy and the new guitar!
Thanks Jayne!

Originally Posted by justonwo View Post
A Kostal onesie is a serious commitment. The thing I like about guitars is that you don’t have to change their diapers.
The onesie is serious indeed you don't have to change diapers, but I still wipe them down

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