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Originally Posted by Tahitijack View Post
1. Anyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Play the appropriate songs for them. 2. As others have mentioned keep it short a ten song set for a group of family and friends is a bit long in my opinion. No need to amp up and don't use a metronome uggh. 3. I hope you know the music well enough to play from the heart without a music stand. 4. Remember less is more and your audience will look forward to hearing you play a few songs again in the future, not think to themselves....oh no here we go again.
1. No birthdays, but this is our first real get-together since the pandemic.
2. I started with 20 songs on my list, and I've now cut it down to 10. I would be kind of sad to trim the list further, but we'll see.
3. I've committed all the songs and lyrics to memory.
4. They've seen me perform privately, and on stage with different bands.

I personally think the metronome sounds pretty cool - but I have the feeling that others here consider performing with one a major faux pas.
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