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Default Spicing up a small solo performance?

I'm giving my wife and some friends a small acoustic guitar & vocal performance soon. This is a tradition we've had for a few years which they enjoy, and which helps me to focus on mastering a few songs.

In the past, I've always used an a electric guitar with a backing track in the background to fill out the sound. I now want to get away from backing tracks with the acoustic guitar. I went through the songs with some drum loops, which sounded ok, but is probably overkill for a small performance. I then went through the songs accompanied by a pleasant-sounding metronome, and found I enjoyed the way it sounded and how it helped me to focus on the beat.

So now I'm thinking about performing maybe 10 songs live with a metronome in the background as the rhythm section. I'm not sure whether this is wise or the height of stupidity ...
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