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Default dog days

Rode my bicycle today for the first time in nearly a month. Very pleasant! Slow. Would have played the restaurant tonight with my trio but the weather remains a bit too cool. Last week we did play and the fingers got numb. Also, few diners, management questioned out judgement, and no tips.

The P 000 came out as expected. It is delivered and the owner has expressed pleasure as well as a willingness to pay me.

A couple of days ago, the D customer (Mike) came and checked out his project with all the finish on and he seems literally ecstatic (looks good to me too, but I am used to it). His expectations are possibly unrealistically high, but I am doing my best to satisfy. He has named the guitar “Banjo Killer”, which remains to be seen, of course; banjos can be formidably loud.

The Uke also has all its finish, but it took a coat more than the D due to the porosity of the “Tree”.