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Default More Woods

This past weekend I hosted the monthly meeting for the Granite State Luthiers group which is part of the NH Woodworkers Guild. Members of the New England Luthiers group were invited and attended as well.
I had a presentation about my work, work flow, generally, how I think about and build guitars. While showing some of the woods I work with I talked about a lot of new wood sets I got from a retiring luthier, the big Black Ebony log I got from a retiring cabinet maker, and the many woods and inlay materials I got from a retiring knife maker. It didn't take long for all of us to see a pattern forming here! Fact is, I think most builders working with natural products tend to accumulate their personal stash of favorites. I've been extremely lucky to get first crack at a number of folks' wonderful supplies as they move on and I hope to do them justice!

So since I'm on the subject here are a couple more new (to me) old sets. I got a number of old East Indian Rosewood sets. Most of the newer sets you find today have a purple cast to them. They work well and I like them just fine. These sets I just got are a much browner color that you just don't see much of these days;

I've been talking a lot about heavier than Rosewoods lately but, that is not to undermine how much I love a really lightweight guitar. In this vein I just got this wonderful set of Movingui:

Amazing figure and wonderful tap tone!
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