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Latest update...

Installed Reverend roller bridge (honestly I feel it helped tremendously. Especially regarding rattles). It was a drop in replacement using original studs. I’m a bit surprised at the quality for $20 shipped! But my Reverend is a fantastic guitar so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I’d purchased a roller from Stew Mac for a CP Jag and it was almost double the cost and didn’t feel as well made.

Also, strung it with .011’s and a wound G. It feels more solid. All the way around. Unplugged there’s definitely more body vibration/resonance. Plugged in it seems to have increased sustain as well.

I did a quick tweak on the setup after going from .010’ to .011’s. Plays very, very nice. Loving the black walnut board more and more.

More to follow.

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