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I'm bringing this thread back from a while because I have been speaking to Jason about my third Kostal. 2019 is going to be a wonderful year and we have an exciting build in the works! Next year will be extremely special because we will have a new addition to our family. The third Kostal will be a special birth year guitar for our new daughter!

This Brazilian OM has been very special and has surprised me in so many ways. It has opened up tremendously and is one of the best gutiars I have ever played. Here is a quick video to show how it has opened up. The song is a piece I wrote for my son, Asher. The recording has no effects:

I also want to announce that I will have my first international commission next year as well. You can check that out on this thread:

This guitar thread has been a fun ride and I can't wait for Kostal #3
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Great playing and great tune!
Thanks Jason! Can't wait to hear more of your new guitar!

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Nicely played Eric!
Thanks John!

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Very nice playing. Great news!
Is Mahogany a good name?

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