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Default Robben Ford at The Hamilton in DC

Saw him last week. Great live show, killer band. He is a great live player. His sound is incredible. Played mostly a '53 Les Paul Goldtop, trapeze talipiece & P90 soapbar PUs thru a Dumble Overdrive Special, made for him by Alexander Dumble. One of my influences early on when I started playing blues. I hope I am going as strong as Robben when I'm 67. The man is in exceptional condition.

Bonus - Great opening act in Toney Rocks. Played solo acoustic americana/blues set with good use of a looper pedal. Plays Teton guitars. Cant I say i've seen one at any of the stores I haunt.

His performance gave me a lot to think about as I figure out where I want to go with my playing.
Just an old drum playing guitarist now.

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