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Default "Earthbound" by Nick Lawson

Hey everyone! I want to share my newly completed instrumental acoustic fingerstyle album called "Earthbound". It was recorded in my home over the last several months, and mixed and mastered by a friend. I'm happy with it as a representation of my playing style and songwriting style.

I'm from Portland, Oregon and an avid composer of guitar music. I'm 31, which puts me at about 20 years and change of guitar playing experience. I've always been a fan of heavy, progressive music. I really started transitioning to fingerstyle acoustic in a dedicated way after hearing an Andy McKee song on Pandora. I was a guitar shop manager back in 2012 when I heard Heather's Song come on

Please check out some of my tunes and let me know what you think, and share with your friends if you enjoy it!

I find some standout tracks to be Trusting the Sun, Second Nature, and Arctic Circles. It fits in great with a lot of CandyRat and Fretmonkey artists from a genre standpoint, while I think at times leaning a little more "riff-based" than centered around melody, and maybe a little less technical at times. I intend to make some playthrough videos for each song very soon.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this email and you can always reach me via email or Facebook. Thanks!
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