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It appears that my build slot has come up after 2.5 years. My tastes, thinking, and collection have evolved somewhat since I originally played John's ebony backed 00-12 at HGF 2011. I've landed on a very traditional OM build - adi top and Madagascar RW back and sides. I've asked John simply to build his best pre-war OM.

A first for John, I think, we are going to attempt a style 30 design using some colorful purflings. This was inspired by Howard Klepper's use of style 30 on my Schoenberg as well as a Klepper OM-33 I played.

I think the build will begin in the next week or so. I just need to select a set of back and sides (I'm going for simple straight grain, quarter sawn) and a back strip and we're off to the races.
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