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Originally Posted by Luke_ View Post
I'll go over that thread, also listen to those pre mix samples.

Couple quick questions.
Was I able to get the thumb sitting back in the mix and the melody more to the front? Any excessive tones or annoyances left?

Without two separate images mono tracks get mixed down stereo, but it's just copies of the mono. Much like duplicating the track and mixing 2 tracks. I was attempting to use effects to make different (2 separate different sounding) tracks to give a stereo image.
To me, the thumb is still too heavy, but that may just be my taste - not a big boom-chuck fan :-) I like to hear the melody most. But what matters is how you like it. If it sounds like you want/expect, then all is well. I just brought it up because I've had the experience myself of recording something and realizing I was/was not bringing out some parts the tune the way I thought I was.

But from a recording perspective it sounds pretty good to me, given what you're working with (room, etc)

There's really no difference between copying a mono track onto two, or just letting your DAW play a mono track, routed to both speakers. Just more work for you! You can get a bit of stereo effect into the mono track by using a bit of reverb, or there are lots of processing tricks, some of which are discussed in that thread. But as Rick suggests, most attempts to fake it sound fake. There are even advocates of recording in mono, so if you only have one mic, I'd go with it, and learn how to create a good mono recording. Mono can have some nice characteristics. A mono track with a bit of room reverb should be able to sound quite good.
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