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Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Glad to hear you found a place. Good luck with the move!

See you at B.I.G.! Guess I better bring a Padron.
Thanks cigarfan, mmm Padron

Originally Posted by Carpinteria View Post
I’m just setting up my new shop after our move. Everything you said about new possibilities and getting rid of extra stuff is true, and satisfying. I hope the new location is wonderful for you and your wife! Looking forward to meeting you at BIG. Best wishes on all the details and on selling your house. Dave
Thanks Dave, My main workspace is framed out but I'll need to finish it from there. I've a little over a month to get the materials decided on and ordered. The other two rooms I can finish after I am up and running in the big workspace. I'll be hard at it for awhile but this will be a wonderful studio!

I'm looking forward to the BIG show. By then I'll be good and ready to be talking guitars instead of the pros and cons of rigid core vinyl flooring!
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