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Originally Posted by The Bard Rocks View Post
Well, butter my buns and call me a biscuit. You should move out this way instead (you know what i do for a living....)
Well we have had our sights on Vermont for awhile now. Karen got a great job as the CEO of a housing and community development non-profit organization. We also just went under contract on a wonderful house with a good place to set up shop.

Now we just have to sell our house!

Meanwhile I am still working away on the Old Town Farm guitar. Here it is with the body closed:

I am doing the back graft and binding in Desert Ironwood:

We're also doing the arm bevel in Desert Ironwood so it gets a little trickier when doing the binding, the top purfling and they need to part ways for a bit to make way for the bevel hence the pins to hold the purfling while gluing:

Thanks for following along!
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