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Default pickup for 000-18. versatile

open to all opinions

ive became recently divorced. so im playing open mics using a friends guitar 3+ nights a week I bought a 000-18 and im looking for a versatile pickup great sound that has tone volume and a good low end. im doing originals in a more classic outlaw country style. Waylon/cash etc.

I got a heavy foot and can really drive the four through the floor and get people moving. ive been looking at the dimarzio angel system I know that magnetic. but active and passive. and somewhat based on the sunrise stuff. so I figure it can get percussive .i also love Michael hedges but that's not what im doing but I just know those style of pickups seem pretty percussive. and may work better with effects.

but im going from multiple soundsytems and rooms. and I don't want something to invasive on this nice guitar. and don't have a lot of time or control over the sound so want as much as I can. thanks to all
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