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Default Initial Thoughts...

Because of my slow recovery from this blasted flu, I have only had a three brief 30 minute playing sessions with the guitar since it arrived two days ago. In short, to no surprise, Bruce has done it again.... This is truly a FANTASTIC guitar!

While physically a larger guitar at 16”, it is quite comfortable to play due to its moderate body depth (4-3/8”), a subtle taper of a Manzer wedge and narrow (9-1/4”) waist. Amazingly, for a 16” guitar, it weighs < 4 lb. (3.98 lb.).

Tonally, the first words that come to my mind are this guitar has amazing string-to-string separation and a beautiful timbral balance across the strings. The mix of fundamentals and overtones is just how I like it, with fundamentals commanding the aural weight with supportive warmth provided by overtones. The type of timbral clarity I hear in melodies when I play it is what you normally expect to hear in a fine smaller bodied guitar. I hear that tonal clarity but with the extended volume and frequency response afforded by a larger body.

Here’s a recording of Bruce playing a contra dance tune (Rythme) on it last week when it was strung with 80/20 strings. It now has PB strings on it and to my ear sounds a touch warmer.

More when I feel better...
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