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Default Ludwig Accent drumset for recording?

I'm looking to take advantage of the July 4th sales and finally buy myself a drumset. My goal is to get a set good for recording my own songs via multiple tracks, Paul McCartney style (albums such as McCartney, McCartney II, Chaos and Creation). I already sing and play guitar, bass, and piano, so drums are the only instrument I'm missing. I will not be drumming live.

So far I have a basic idea of how to play drums, but still have a lot of learning to do. Guitar is my main interest. I'm not too versed or interested in the intricacies of different drum brands or materials. I just want something that is reliable, pleasant to use and play, and that will record well. I am not interested in getting a low quality beginner set and then upgrading later. I want to get Ludwig drums given the connections to McCartney and The Beatles (my two biggest musical influences). A lot of the music I'd record is in the style of those artists (Wings especially have been a big influence on me).

I'm currently looking at the Ludwig Accent set. From what I gather this is considered an entry level set that a number of drummers online seem to dislike. But it seems good enough for Paul; he's used it on a number of his recent albums where he plays drums. I'm wondering if the Accent would be good for my goal of recording my own songs. I'm not sure I'd be able to pick out big differences in sound compared to higher end sets (but am open to comparison recordings or videos!) If the Accent wouldn't be good enough, what would be some other Ludwig drums that could fit my goals? I am not interested in buying used.
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