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Originally Posted by tstrahle View Post
The dark shirt thing I realize looking back at older videos where I didn't have this issue as back.
So I decided to take a closer examination of the situation, and possibly formulate a working hypothesis to help explain the distortions observed on that original video posted.

Conclusion: In my own personal estimation (AKA, IMOPE) the distortion observed is not related to variety or color or pattern of shirt worn--or even compression imperfection artifacts, for that matter; too, no moiré pattern contributed to the "problem"--if that were the case, you'd see such a pattern on all guitar strings in all videos, just as one observes the moiré on a specific type of shirt worn in every imaginable kind of video format, under every manner of lighting condition.

My own opinion (in general agreement with previous poster 619TF) is that the explanation involves various variables related to artificial illumination--positioning, relative intensity, and angle of lighting used, for example.

Some video illustrations.

Here's a past video where you're wearing a simple white shirt (with no "confusing" pattern) in the identical setting featured in that original video (post #1). Note how those same distortions occur along the strings of the resonator--especially prevalent beginning at around the 35 second mark:

The original video, from post #1 in this thread:

And here's the video where you're wearing that black shirt (note dramatic difference in lighting arrangement):

Here's a video of you wearing a plaid shirt in a different lighting situation. No distortions occur.

And, finally, here's as video of you wearing that same plaid shirt seen in original video (post #1). Note absence of "aliasing"/distortion. Note difference in lighting situation:

Of course, to complete the experiment, go ahead and wear that black shirt under the identical lighting conditions used in the original video. See what happens.

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