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Originally Posted by Brent Hahn View Post
No. No punching. I mean you do a whole take (guitar and vocal at the same time), play back and hear some pitchy spots, then re-record those bits and chop them into the first take.

This, to me, is the right way to do it. But some people angst so much about the editing that they go to great lengths to avoid working this way. It all comes down to being comfortable with your editing chops on the DAW. So you owe it to yourself to get good at it.

Most modern recording programs (at least the higher end ones) allow what you speak of. Back in the day (talking tape here) punch-in/out was a replacement for re-recording the entire track.

And early digital software had limits on the number of tracks we could record (a limitation of both the computers and the software)…so punch-in/out allowed us to alter the original track instead of pushing the total track/effects limits.

Modern computers and programs have improved, so just adding a track and re-recording the section while listening to the original, then pasting-it-over/blending-it-into the original track is easy these days.

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