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Originally Posted by KevWind View Post
As always it totally depends on exactly what you are actually trying to achieve, and personal preference.

Ostensibly the reason to record the Guitar and Vocal at the same time with mics , is #1 to get more of the "live performance" feel and #2 with the mic sound on guitar (as opposed to plugged to the pickup sound)

So here are some general things to consider :

In that situation because you are going for that (combined at the same time performance feel )---- what bleed does occur may not really be such a big issue as to require jumping through significant extra hoops beyond figure 8 or cardiod
Look how many hit folk songs were recorded using one LDC in the 50's and 60's

Yes being able to process voice and guitar totally separately is nice, BUT how necessary is it really to get a good sound ?
If that is the ultimate desire then realistically recording separately is the ultimate solution.

Given that theoretically we who sing and play, tend choose guitars that suit, or complement our voice (so generally there is not some significant anomaly of incompatible frequencies going on)
Consider that in general things like EQ, Compression and or Reverb can certainly still be done separately and may not be compromised by what little of bleed is actually happening .

So far I recorded a bunch of songs tracking the guitar and vocals separately and 2 songs with using the figure 8 set up, singing and playing at the same time.

Sonically the tracked songs do sound better but they do not have the synergy of the live performance. However, When played back with a hard pan the live performance sounds great. When played in mono you can hear a small amount of phase issue. I think it’s worth the small loss of fidelity considering its feel much better. And I will experiment with mic placement as well reversing the phase and/or EQ (good learning moments for me)

The other obsession is with the ability to tweek the pitch of the vocals when tracked separately. I have good pitch but not always perfect. But once again, I prefer the feel and vibe of the live takes and can live with a few slightly off pitch notes, as long as the emotional content is on. Ifs it’s really noticeable I will just do another take.

As a side note, I tried using melodyne In polyphonic mode on the vocals (both guitar and voice are recorded in one stereo track. and ........) I’ll leave it as it is
I guess the technology is not there yet.
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