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Default Figure 8 Vs hypercardiod?

Looking for some mic tech advice
Conventional wisdom suggests using figure 8 for recording vocals and guitar at the same time. By pointing the null of one mic towards the source you will get a good amount of off axis rejection. I did get decent results using this technique. But I was wondering ......

What about hypercordiod or supercardiod patterns. Since you are not getting a signal from the back of the mic would you not get more overall rejection. Assume itís a decent sounding room and I have loads of absorption panels both on the wall and for portable placement

I am currently in transit now but when I get home I will experiment more.
The 2 mics I have are an AKG 414b and a Neumann M149, so I have the patterns to play with.
The pre is a great river and the converter is an apogee Rosetta 200

Are there mics I could use for voice and/or guitar that I can get even better off axis rejection from. Perhaps a dynamic mic such as the Shure M7.
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