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There is a terrific 6 part documentary on the band on youtube:

This is part 4. Find part 1 and watch. You may not be able to find all the parts. If not, watch videos of them from the early 70's.
I played the album "Big Pink" incessently for about a year or two. Fine songwriting, intriguing lyrics. They really were a "band." There wasn't "a star." They were equals. At least that's what I heard. The album is "real" not "produced." It's music from the heart and soul that connects to a different time. Even a different time from when it was recorded. It's evocative and down to earth. It's mysterious and accessible.

The movie "The last Waltz" captures just a tiny sliver of the magic that was there in an earlier time of the Band's existence. The balance is shifted in the movie. It's produced. The "realness" has been replaced. But some of the magic remains, especially for those who knew the Band in earlier times.
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