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One of the ways I was able to find out more about Karan and Bigfoot guitars is through Facebook. Ever since my first build with Jason Kostal, I have loved his guitars so much but more importantly I have gained a friend that I respect so very much. Every now and then, I look on Jason’s facebook to see a famous artist swinging by the Kostal fun factory. I also see the collegial attitude when Jason welcomes other luthiers into his shop. I ran into one of his posts in July about Jason wanting to give back and help others when he can. He welcomed Amber, recent grad from Galloup School of Lutherie, and Karan from New Dehli to spend some time in his shop:

Amber was there for a few days but Karan as able to spend a month with Jason to observe his building process and to take in some new ideas to implement into his own guitars.

Trying to get into Jason's head....

I asked Karan to tell me more about how he and Jason met. Karan said when he met Jason in Berlin, he knew who Jason was and knew that anything he could learn would benefit him in his building (keep in mind that Karan being in India has little to compare to). He thought he could use some critique on his current work so he threw it out there and asked Jason if he could spend a few minutes to let him know what he thinks. Two and a half hours later, Karan had a bunch of notes on what Jason liked and what he thought needed work.

Fast forward 8 months later to the Vancouver show in 2017, Jason was able to check Karan’s updated work and Karan said that the notes on the critique list were much shorter! And then when they met again at the Holy Grail show in May, 2018, Jason said he was real happy to see Karan’s work. I asked Jason about it and he said that usually when someone receives a lot of critique and a long list of things to improve, people get frustrated and don’t pay attention to half the things on the list. What impressed him most with Karan is that he paid attention to every little detail and came back with a guitar that had all boxes checked from the list!

It was at the Holy Grail Show last year that Jason invited Karan to come out to Phoenix to spend some time at the shop to talk about guitars and learn more about the building process with him.

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