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Thank you all who have reached out and reserved your spots. I would be remiss if I did not say we are about 1/3 full at this point already, so if interested reach out to me. Still lots of time, but I have a feeling as we get closer and the luthiers start posting the cool builds they have planned for this, we will fill up even more quickly. I have been told about some of the builds and I am really excited. Think BRW and Euro for one, Coco with Adi on another...just sayin.

I was just reminded by one confirmed attendee about the Friday afternoon Collings factory tours in Austin that are offered. That would be a really cool start to the weekend...I copied this from their website:

Tours take place each Friday at 3:30pm and tour sizes are limited so reservations are required. Because our tours often fill up about a week in advance, we recommend calling the shop at 512-288-7776 to reserve your space as early as possible.

If I did not have so much in the works right now with everything else I would try to set up a special B.I.G. tour, but I think for this first year, folks will have to be on their own for this, but what a great chance to do this if you are coming in from out of town!!!

Think about it.
PS. I love guitars!

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