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Originally Posted by jeastman View Post
Hi Scott, I'm curious as to when you think your site might be up. I'm not in the immediate need of a new pick, but summer is coming up and I'm going to be traveling and playing!
J, good question, I wish I had an answer! LOL

Actually, we're getting very close, J. We already own both charmedlifepicks .com and .net and we are actively under construction. As you may have seen above, we FINALLY got some great photos of our products, so that was a major hurdle.

The truth is, we see ourselves as an R&D- and product-driven company, first, foremost and always; if you ever order from us, you'll see that we do 100% Q/C on every pick coming off the line, meaning it is thoroughly inspected and then tested by me personally on a great guitar, usually my HD-28, and then we even hand sign a quality sticker that goes with the pick.

We have two big festivals in the next two consecutive weekends -- Huck Finn and then the Father's Day Event in Grass Valley a week later -- so we're frantically sanding and polishing like crazy. After that, we'll be in full-bore web design, so I'd say end of June at the very latest, J.

We've been accepting PayPal payments since February, and that has worked well for everyone so far.

If you want, message me and I'll send you my cell number if you like. Or not. I'm around.

Thanks for your interest. It's folks like you who keep us working so hard.

scott memmer
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