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Thanks cigarfan,

I know your pain when fingers start cracking. I'm considering getting a unit for the house as well. We have forced air there as well but mostly use our wood stoves, and they are dry! The Aprilaire systems have a capacity of 14 gallons a day. However, they won't do that if they only work when the heat is running. In my shop we installed a separate unit that overrides the air blower fan to keep the humidifier working if needed. I'll have to wait and see what that does to the electric bill. But the shop was at 46% this morning and silence reigned!

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That's great Mark...Like your prior system, between late October and late April, I am visiting my sink every 2-4 days to replennish, one of my two 2-3/4 gallon reservoirs for my floor unit and replacing wicks monthly. I have hot water base board (no forced air). I am guessing that you're house's water source is well based correct? How does the Aprilaire system address mineral build-up and deposits?
If you can go 4 to 8 days in between total refills that's not too bad. I was filling 3 reservoirs a day making it hard to even go away for the weekend.
Fortunately, we live on one of the roads to the hospital so we have town water and our road gets plowed pretty much every 1/2 hour when it's snowing.
The Aprilaire system is an evaporative system that typically needs to have the filter changes twice per season. With well water that number would rise.
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